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Our Story

Growing up, we were always surrounded by Nazar Boncuk's, also known as the 'Evil Eye Beads'. It's pinned on your clothes as soon as you are born, it's adorned on the walls of every home and business you find yourself in. It is in the cars you drive and even printed on planes you fly in. The blue mystical eye can be found anywhere and everywhere in most Mediterranean & Middle Eastern countries. It is believed to ward off negative energy and provide protection against the 'Evil Eye' derived from envy of those around you.  If the Nazar bead breaks it is thought to have worked in protecting you and absorbed it's capacity of negative energy. 

It also happens to be very pretty and never goes out of style, from Evil Eye Earrings, Keyrings, Necklaces, Hair Clips, Anklets - the list is truly endless. It has always been a staple or statement accessory throughout our lives and hopefully yours too! Wear the pretty blue beads with the confidence and power it brings into your everyday lives! 

So now can you guess the story behind our name? 

We love Nazar Boncuk's,

Boncuk is pronounced Bonjuk and because we are based in the UK.. *drum roll* 

We are BONJ.UK